Frequent asked Questions

What does Scanplan mean?

Scanplan is plastic coated fabric, in which the base fabric is a knitted weft inserted polyester. The warp and weft threads of the base fabric are knitted together with a thin bind yarn. Thanks to this lay up the tear strength of Scanplan is very good. The 1100 DTEX base fabric used in Scanplan has 4,3 or 7 threads/cm. Scanplan is also coated to an open mesh.

What does Vinyplan mean?

Vinyplan has a woven polyester or polyamide fabric as the base fabric. The density is usually 7 … 15 threads/cm. Strength and qualities of the fabric can be adjusted through adding or reducing the amount of warp and/or weft threads. The DTEX strength of the threads is choosen according to fabric´s end use between 280 DTEX and 2200 DTEX. Fabrics can be woven so that there is one of both longitudinal warp threads and cross directional weft threads (1/1). Also double threads can be used. For example a “half panama” fabric has a single warp thread and a double weft thread (1/2), “Panama” fabric again, has in both warp and weft a double thread (2/2).

What does dtex mean?

The DTEX number details the thickness and strength of the used thread. DTEX-number tells how many gram 10.000m of thread weighs. For example 1100 DTEX means, 10.000m of the thread in question weighs 1100g. The bigger the DTEX-number the thicker the thread.

Which colours/fabrics are available in stock?

Please see our home page for the base colours in the colour chart. Against order also other, different colours, can be coated. Please check the product/specific colour availablity from our sales department.

Can a coated fabric become mouldy?

Almost all Scanplan and Vinyplan fabrics are mould resistant. Dampness and dirt however are always a habitat for mould growth. It is therefore important to store the fabric or any items, made of the coated fabric, in a dry and clean environment.

Does Scantarp have flame retardant fabrics?

Both Scanplan and Vinyplan can be manufactured flame retardant according to the requirements of the application. For example in the construction of a warehouse or sports hall using PVC- coated fabric, a flame retardant fabric should always be used.

How long is the expected life-span of the coated fabrics?

PVC coated fabric havve gained huge popularity, because of their strength and long life- span. However in the course of time the PVC coating (depending on color) will fade and the technical qualities will weaken some. The operational life-span of Scanplan and Vinyplan fabrics vary from 5 to even a couple of decades depending on the end use, and location. Our own warehouses have been in service since 1983.

Where can the disposed fabrics be delivered?

The disposed fabrics should be delivered to municipal waste disposal, which will take care of the waste according to regulation. Scanplan and Vinyplan fabrics should not be disposed of in stove, fireplace or bonfire.

How can Scanplan and Vinyplan be seamed?

The most common way to seam coated fabrics industrially is to use a so called high frequency welding machine. The fabrics can also be seamed by wedge welder, hot air, glueing or sewing.

What kind of products are made up of Scanplan and Vinyplan?

There are many applications, and because of the good qualities of Scanplan and Vinyplan materials, new end uses are found continually. Here are a few examples of possible applications: warehouses, sports halls, air domes, advertising banners, gym mats, high jump landing areas, inflatable boats, boat covers, camper awnings, building site shelters, party tents, tarpaulins, wind breaks for cowsheds and industry, slurry pits, biogas plants, bouncy castles, oil booms, tanks, hoods etc.

Wash and maintenance instructions

  • Use neutral or weakly alkaline all purpose cleaner, solvent free.
  • Dosage - use the cleaning agent according to the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Do not use hot water, max +40°Celcius.
  • Avoid powerful mechanical rubbing.
  • After washing rinse well
  • Before packing and warehousing dry throughly.
  • When using pressure washer/cleaner, follow the instructions of the machine manufacturer.
  • Regular cleaning lengthens the life expectancy of materials.