New 100% recycled product

Scantarp's new product meets the market demand for a recycled and greener product. The new product is made from 100% recycled base fabric material and surplus masses.

We are pleased to present our new product:

We have long had a product that uses the surplus masses of our production as a coating. Now we offer an even more ecological version, where the base fabric is also made from recycled material.

The raw material for the base fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. Our solution contributes to the utilisation of plastic bottles. Much-needed plastic bottles are a problem in many countries because a return or recycling system may not exist for them.   

From an environmental point of view, the new product offers completely new opportunities for selling fabric. When needed, we will supply the logo of our new product for your use.

You will know the new recycled fabric from this brand:  

ScanECO sales:

Ilkka Rovamaa
COO / Sales Director
tel. +358 44 588 1149

Download ScanECO brochure (PDF)

ScanECO base fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles.

The basic colour of the fabric is green. Due to the colour differences of the surplus masses, there are batch-specific differences in the shade of green.

ScanECO base fabric.